Flying Algorithms

 Specialized Drone Applications

Our proprietary software allows for rapid idea-to-prototype-to-market transition for any drone operations and can handle even complicated scenarios involving multiple groups of task-specific drones or massive support of heavy server-side computations.

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Steel chimneys require periodic inspection in multiple spots along the construction. Our drones can perform the whole inspection in the same amount of time it would take a human engineer to access the first probing spot. The same technique can be applied to other steel constructions. Read more... 

Tree trimming

Drones are already used to inspect power lines and detect branches that are too close to them. Utilizing our cutting-branch technology and a multi-drone setup we are able to quickly access, detect and remove disturbing parts of a tree.

Avalanche prediction

Each year around 100 people die in Alps under snow avalanches. We utilize 3D reconstruction technology and a multi-drone system in order to better understand where the snow accommodates and how are the avalanches triggered. This allows us to anticipate potential incidents and issue early warnings.

Platforms fit for the application


In many applications flight duration offered by multicopters might not be enough. In such cases, we our experience with operating swarms of fixed-wing UAVs can bring significant improvements. For example, in long-range powerline inspection, multi-hour long surveillance, or package delivery, fixed-wings can guarantee enough flight duration and range to fulfill the goal.


While pursuing various UAV applications, we spotted an opportunity to improve the performance by introducing an additional platform to our repertoire: magbots. These mobile robots can attach to metal surfaces using magnets and crawl on them to perform various tasks like inspection or monitoring. The extended endurance allows to prolong the mission, for instance capturing the object of interest during the timespan of the whole day, week, or even month.

The capabilities of Magbots can be extended even further by utilizing UAVs to deploy the sensors in areas that are hard to reach and later recover them when needed.