Steel structure inspection

Variety of applications

Many steel constructions like bridges, warehouses, or chimneys need to be periodically inspected. Each of them has some unique requirements, but they share one feature — performing an inspection is a tedious process. For example, steel chimneys must be checked with ultrasound sensors in hundreds of places. Because drones can perform such an inspection much faster than a human, the process can be done more thoroughly, faster, safer, and cheaper than with the traditional human-based methods.


Our fleet of drones is equipped with various sensors. Do you need a visual inspection and check the thickness of steel in a few places? Or perform some very application-specific chemical measurements? The drones equipped with cameras will collaborate with the ones with other sensors to provide a comprehensive report for you!

Autonomous and human-aided

Once the drones know the requirements, they can perform the whole inspection autonomously. They will provide the results to the operator in real-time. Thanks to this, the results can be checked immediately, and whenever some anomaly is detected, the operator can add new required measurement points or even take manual control and perform additional checks.